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April 2017 - Rock On

April started off rough because April 4th was my dad’s birthday. To celebrate, my brother and I went to a bar near us called Flatstick Pub. It is an awesome place that combined good beer and mini golf.

That following weekend we had another wedding show called ROCKED. This one we got into for free because we knew some of the organizers. Though because they were so helpful and kind, we donated two $50 gift cards that they used for a raffle.

The wedding show was fun overall and we were featured on some influencers’ blogs and social media. One influencer who turned out to be an experienced and influential marketer that we were able to connect with and get pointers from was Nelson Yong. He gave us tips and tricks in regards to partnerships and branding which helped us out down the road. Like the others, the show didn’t pan out like we hoped in terms of bookings, but on the bright side, it was still fun and we were able to do some more branding. The best part though is that the people who ran the expo, gave us 10 free tickets to invite people. So we used it to invite couples that we have booked or close to booking for weddings to allow them to sample a variety of flavors.

April 2017 Part 2 - Communation

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