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May 2017 - Sir Fix A Lot

May was the busiest month in our short life.

To start the month, we were featured on New Day Northwest which is a segment on King 5 (a local channel around Seattle)! As you could imagine, we were ecstatic. Cam was the better speaker and communicator so I set my ego aside and made him be the one they interviewed. It was such a fun day! The host was kind and made us look good, the audience was supportive, and shoot even I was featured. Granted, I looked really awkward since I was hugging a plant. But still, it was a blast. We even received a lot of traffic on our site and emails after the show asking for bookings, pricing, etc. It was cray!

The following weekend was the busiest day we had experienced. It was called Taco Libre. It is a huge food truck event where the best trucks and booths show off their tacos to the public. So you’re probably wondering why an ice cream company is doing in a taco competition? Well as it turned out, you didn’t have to have tacos in be able to participate. 

The day started at 4AM. We still weren’t able to use our truck so we had to set up a food booth. With that said, we had to start early because there were many steps to get everything together and ready to go, and we wanted to be early just in case shit hit the fan like it usually did. We got there at about 9:30 AM and got all set up and ready to go by 10:30 AM and the event was aimed to start at 11 AM. We started selling a little bit here and there and we were beginning to get a little down because we expected it to be busier. At about 11:30 AM, we finally had a line. Then it got longer. And longer. And longer. Eventually our line was so long that there was an hour and half wait. It was about 85-90 degrees out by 2 pm so everyone wanted ice cream. My brother and I were making ice cream while Brian took orders, prepped the cups, finished the cups, and handed them out. We were moving non-stop! It was so busy that my brother almost passed out from exhaustion. We didn’t take a break to eat, drink, or use the bathroom from 11:30-6 PM when we SOLD OUT. It was so wild. We almost broke $1000 so it was a really good day!

So now our electrical were solid. Now we just had to fix the ice cream machine… the most important part.

So I went to a local refrigeration repair shop. Of course they weren’t familiar with my piece of equipment. But they did give me a phone number of a guy that has been repairing refrigeration units for the past 40 years, so I trust that we would have an idea of what was going wrong.

The gentleman’s name was John and he was a really cool guy with a dope mustache. He was a lone wolf and had two kids and a wife. He charged a reasonable amount, in fact, I think he could have charged a little more. But anyway, after tampering with our anti-griddle and other electricals, he felt as though it should be good.

And it was good! It worked! I almost started crying tears of joy. I made our first roll on both sides for the first time in almost two months. And it couldn’t have happened at a better time (I mean if it didn’t break at all, that would be nice), but we just closed the biggest deal ever…

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