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April 2017 Part 2 - Communation

Later that month, we learned the importance of a cornerstone of a successful relationship, business, and telephone call… communication. On a Sunday, we were doing some RND, specifically for a private corporate catering that we booked. We promised a flavor that was Vegan that we had never made before. It included coconut milk, nuts, and chocolate powder. After a few hours of trial and error, we were finally able to say we “perfected” the flavor. So cleaned up and headed out with a game plan SORTA established for Tuesday. Brian and I both used PTO to work the event. So in the morning, he picked me up with the machine and we got the stuff and were on our way. Once we arrived, we realized we didn’t have more than half of the ingredients… That’s right, we didn’t create a checklist of what we needed, nor did we go over a game plan fully. We both expected that the other had an idea of what was happening. We messed up and shit like this was getting old.

So while I started setting up everything, Brian ran to the grocery store to get the supplies we needed. Unfortunately the store didn’t have what we were used to so we had to wing everything. We put on smiling faces and did the best we could. I was frustrated the entire time, but tried to hide it as best I could. When the event was done, we cleaned up and tried to get out as fast as possible. It was embarrassing to me because I knew we could do better. I knew that I could do better. Unfortunately, as bad as I wanted to go home and pout, we had another event to go to.

We had promised to go back to one of the apartment complexes we went to before to serve again. It was awesome that they wanted us back, but I was not in the mood. Luckily, Cam had the rest of the supplies for this event. We finished strong and made decent money. I really liked doing these apartment events because they were small and fun and the customers were so entertained and enjoyed it all.

We ended strong!

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