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December 2016 - White Christmas

There is an awesome company called Saturn Barter. Essentially what they do is they allow you to purchase goods or services with what they call “Barter Bucks”. It is almost like a loan, and you pay companies back with your own goods or services. Now typically, I would not like to use a loan because I hate having to pay extra for things. So I was mainly planning on using the company as another way to get our name out there and market ourselves. My brother had an old friend that worked for the company that signed us up. His name was Ryan Major and he is freaking awesome and helpful. I highly recommend Saturn Barter and Ryan if own a small business if you are looking to advance your business.

A couple times a year, they have trade shows to network and show off your company. We most likely wouldn’t have gone if not for Ryan. Boy am I glad that he pushed us to do it!

You know how many people want a white Christmas? Well nobody wants a white Christmas driving a 24 foot uhaul. That shit is no joke man! Luckily we got there and safely!

It was an awesome experience meeting other business owners, forming potential partnerships, and pushing our brand to more people. People were in awe with what we were doing. We were handing out samples of some of our best flavors – cookies n cream, captain crunch, and biscoff cookies.

This was also the day that we decided that we wanted to have fun names for our flavors. Sure, we could have your common names like the ones listed above, but we decided to add a spin to it. We liked the sound of Dapper Panda for cookies n cream, Unicorn Poop for Captain Crunch, and Cookie Butter for Biscoff cookie. Additionally, we had other flavors like Cold Lunch (peanut butter and jelly (no crusts)), Hortega (Horchata (cinnamon, sugar, rice pudding)), and Dough Boy (chocolate chip cookie dough).

To me, naming flavors was part of our identity. We wanted people to walk around town and post pictures of our product and other talk about how their favorite flavor was Dapper Panda or Cold Lunch or how awesome Unicorn Poop was. We felt as if we were a fun brand so we really wanted to emphasize that!

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