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February 2017 - The Sky is Falling

We finally decided to test out the truck at our first event. It was cold, rainy February day…perfect day for ice cream. We were participating in an event managed by Mobile Food Rodeo called the Polar Plunge. Essentially, it’s where people run into Lake Washington for fun. First off, how is that fun? I don’t know about you, but I don’t think running into freezing water is “fun”, but that’s just me.

This was the beginning of our dream that quickly became a nightmare. Before we even got to the park, we realized that our sink was broken. The pipes were loose and the water wouldn’t run. Naturally we were freaking out. We weren’t handy men at all. We could barely use a screwdriver. So instead of trying to fix it and break it more. We used a water jug as our hand washing station. Luckily the health inspector didn’t show up anyway because we were already stressed to the max.

We parked at the event and prepped everything inside our truck. We opened up our serving window and had a line of ice cream lovers greeting us! It was an incredible feeling. We had our first order from a 10 year old boy that was waiting for us to open right when we got there. Our next customer was the lucky customer to witness the beginning of the downfall of Igloo Rolls. In the middle of making their order, our truck completely shut off. We just about shit our pants. I was yelling for the guys to get it back on. Cam was yelling at me to calm down. Brian was yelling out other issues. It was a shit show.

Luckily one of the employees of the event, Jerry, was familiar with generators and electrical. After about an hour of trouble shooting and about 7 possible solutions, we decided to leave everything off except for the most important things: the smallest fridge and the ice cream machine. That was good enough to stay afloat. He assumed that everything was putting too much strain on the generator. But we also found the roof was leaking in a few different spots. It could have been anything.

We ended up making a couple hundred dollars in total. But that didn’t matter to us. The more pressing issue was what the hell were we going to do next? We have an $85,000 truck that doesn’t work… cool…

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