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March 2017 Part 2 - Hey Jude

Since we couldn’t use the truck, we used out stand alone griddle at a small event on Mercer Island. It was at their community center and had a pretty good turnout. It was a fun event and even had a little article written about us in the local paper. The kids loved it and it was cute watching how excited they got! We made pretty decent money with it too! The next day was our first catered wedding! It was super low key. It was in someone’s backyard and we brought just 3 flavors and some cookie shots. It was really cool because it was really really relaxed. Except I think a ten year old girl had a crush on me because she watched me make ice cream like 5 times for her. Maybe she just really liked our ice cream. The adults were really nice too and everyone was accommodating. It made me excited for our future and made me worry less about the truck.

I began looking for food truck repair guys or builders near me. Luckily there was a builder about 30 minutes south of me. He had time to look at it that day, so I drove the truck down there. He was an electrician from the Philippines and had the same last name as me. His name was Jude Ortega. But he had a really strong accent, and neither myself nor my brother could understand him when he said his name, and we thought his name was Jude. So that is how we referred to him since we didn’t know for sure. He was a really nice guy and taught me a lot about electrical and wiring. I learned basic between wattage, amperage, and voltage. I also realized, if I want to be successful, I can’t just worry about the business operations and marketing side of things. I need to also worry about the mechanical side of things as well. I need to become diverse in electrical, plumbing, auto, etc. If we can’t afford to hire someone or if it’s an emergency situation, I need to be able to fix it myself. He said that our breaker was wired incorrectly and needed more amperage for our ice cream machine. So in the back of my head, I was furious at the guys who build our food truck for not knowing this and mad at the manufacturers from China for being so unresponsive and unhelpful. But Jude fixed it by the next day and was able to rewire some parts for us including our breaker. We were thinking that we were good to go. So we tried it and everything turned on. We were feeling good. We paid Jude and were on our way. The next test was to test making ice cream. I did this the next day with success at first. Then it slowly got worse and worse until we were right back to square one.

Well, shit…

I guess something good that came out of this month was that we were able to participate in the Tacoma Wedding Show. We didn’t have too much money in the bank, but luckily we were both members of Saturn Barter so we paid for it in trade. The owner of the show, Brad Buckles was a really great guy that was really excited to have us! In fact, he liked us so much that he booked us for his daughter’s wedding! On top of that, we won Best in Show for the wedding show! We were so excited and it felt to end the month on a high note!


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