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October 2016 part 2 - The New Big Three

I had a friend from Western who had helped with a startup called StudentRND and we worked on a few marketing projects together. He had come over when we served friends in the garage and he liked what we were doing.  So we sat him down and tried to get a taste as to how he would feel about being part of the team.  Again, it is never as simple as asking if someone wants to join the team.

After sitting down and having Brian meet my brother, we decided it would be a great fit. Now we just had to negotiate the equity.  This was difficult because everyone always wants the best interest for themselves. But that’s where negotiating and trusting each other comes into play. In the end, we worked it out. I would own 59.5%, Cam would own 39.5%, and Brian would own 1% until more money was put in or we reevaluated.

The next order of business…

So according to some bullshit regulations, if you own a food truck or small business dealing with food, you must use a commercial kitchen as a commissary (yes we did our first event illegally, but it was private so it’s okay, shhhhh).  It is somewhere that you can store your goods on shelves, in the fridge, and in the freezer and be able to prep your food how you see fit. Technically, nothing is supposed to stored at home. This rule is complete BS as it is, but even more so because we serve ice cream that is made on the spot, so we don’t have much to prep or store. It is just another cost for us. What sucks even more about this rule, was that we didn’t even have a food truck yet, so we were just

Finding a commissary is difficult, especially for our needs. Some can cost anywhere between $500-$1000, and even $2000 per month. All we needed was to say we had one and maybe store some damn cream, like come on. So at first we found a company called Fast Rabbits Catering. My brother and I went there and talked with the guy and looked around. Everything seemed solid so we decided to put a deposit down and reserve our spot. We were excited that we finally going to have everything taken care of for the health department.

A week later, we received a call from a lawyer. It turns out that the guy who we made the deal with was no longer with the company. In fact, he had been arrested for fraud. Figures. Just our luck. So not only were we out $500, but we also needed to find a new commissary. So that was a priority now.

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