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November 2016 - Government Probs

We were able to find a new commissary just in the nick of time because we had another event at another apartment complex. The commissary was based in West Seattle and we lived in Bellevue, about 30-45 minutes away which was very frustrating considering we had to use it. All that mattered though was that we had a commissary now that we could use.

The second apartment complex that wanted use to come by for an ice cream social heard about us from the first apartment complex. It’s awesome that word travels so quickly! This event was the first that Cam, Brian, and I would be working together so it would be a great test of our teamwork. Brian handled the POS while Cam and I would make the ice cream. Everything was really smooth. Obviously because we offered a discount again and we had many costs, we ended up losing a little bit of money. But again, it was great experience and practice for the future. It was such a cool experience to see all working together!

As most of us know, the government takes forever when it comes to getting things done. Well it’s also true when it comes to getting permits and registration done for the truck. The food truck builders contacted me because there was so much miscommunication within the departments. In order to allow the food truck builders to begin building the truck, they had to get the “okay” from Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. It was so frustrating. The builders submitted the layout to the department a month earlier, but the department was just getting around to looking at the plan.

Of course little things needed to be changed because nothing is ever easy with the government, right?

This is our layout that we finally decided on and which finally got approved.

Now the builders could finally get started on it!

Also, because this was such a big investment and we didn't have all the money that we needed. We utilized friends and family. First we organized a loan from our mother for $10,000 at 2.5% interest compounded annually and payments would start in October of 2017. Next we started a Kickstarter. After doing a bunch of research, we wanted the goal to be low enough to achieve, but help us raise some money that would help us out. We set our goal at $5000 and launched the campaign. 

December 2016 - White Christmas

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