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April 2016 - Breaking Dad

My dad’s birthday was 4/4 so we had his celebration of life around that time the following year Indio, California.  It was overwhelming to see old family and friends, and even to meet new ones.  It was some much needed closure, and to have all that love and support from his home town made the event that more memorable.

During that trip, my brother, girlfriend and I had ventured into Old Town La Quinta.  We went to an olive oil shop (we love our olive oils!), a clothing store, and a hot sauce store.  We decided to take a break and cool down at a liquid nitrogen ice cream shop called NitroInfusions.  You know, those places where they make it right in front of you.  It was actually delicious and fun to watch!  As we were enjoying our ice cream, I showed my brother a video on YouTube that I saw two years previously of this guy from Thailand making ice cream on some kind of cold plate.  In about two minutes, he poured cream and brownies onto it, mashed it up, spread it out, rolled it up, and served it into a delicious cup with toppings.  My brother was speechless!  He watched it two more times.  Finally, he said three words that sounded like a Nike commercial, “Lets do it”. 

I looked into the idea when I first saw it, but had little success so I didn’t continue the pursuit.  My brother and I were just dreaming at the time of how we can do it and possible names and all that jazz.  Being a foodie, he had always wanted to start a food truck, but I thought a store front would be better for this type of product in Seattle.  I saw a lightbulb go off in his head as he proceeded to say the name, “Igloo Rolls”.  A food truck with that name would be perfect because we serve rolled ice cream and we will be rolling around the city.  I loved the name, but wasn’t fully convinced that a truck was our best option. Before we made the decision, we had more research to do.

Remember Breaking Bad? Well, that show and my 9th grade science teacher (shout out to Mr. Fields!) taught me that science is awesome!  So in spirit of science, we decided to buy some dry ice and various types of creams. To try to roll it, we used paint scrapers and knives and a few different sizes of sheets of aluminum and steel. The difficult part was trying to balance the metal on the dry ice. While I held down the metal sheet onto the dry ice, my brother poured the cream onto it and tried to make it freeze. He was Walter White and I was Jesse Pinkman.

After about 10 attempts, the cream began to freeze and finally created our first roll! It was so exhilarating! It was like we just discovered fire…if fire was cold and creamy. We then attempted to make flavors like Oreo and chocolate. We even tried with juice such as lemonade and orange juice. With every failed attempt, we learned one more way not to do something.

If we could learn and achieve something without the right equipment, imagine what we could do if we had everything we needed!

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