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May 2017 Part 4 - SASQUATCH Part 2

Day 3: We started this day about the same time as the previous day. And everything was going about the same. This day would turn out to be different though. Before we decided that we were for sure going to do Sasquatch, I booked a wedding for the last day of Sasquatch. Luckily we had some kind of plan in place. A few of Cam’s friends volunteered to come and help us out. So I want to give a big thank you to Casey (who helped all weekend), Andrew, and Josh. Andrew and Josh arrived at around 6 PM that night and I left around 7 PM. Just before they got there, guess what happened. You guessed it, our truck broke down. At this point, we felt like experts trying to troubleshoot the truck. From the electricals to the generator to the engine, we checked it all out. It turns out the generator was overheated so we just shut down for a little bit and opened up again a little later. Once I left there was a bit more that happened, so to fill you in, here is my brother finishing the Sasquatch weekend.


By Cameron

For clarification, this day did not start like the other. It was a domino effect of events that left me questioning "why is this happening" and "if there are food truck God's, why do they hate me?" 

We started the day by going into town to get a tire replaced on the truck. On the drive to the festival and unbeknownst to us, we had suffered a pretty severe divot out of the outside of our rear left duely tire. If that had blown out, we wouldn't have gotten to experience all of the other trying events that followed so for that, I am grateful. 

After getting the tire fixed, we picked up a hose, rubber gloves and paper towels from a hardware store across the street in order to fill up our water truck's tank and to abide by the food service requirements. 

We were ready to head back to the festival grounds and fill our truck's tank up, making good time in order to start by 10am. Somewhere along the way of being mentally drained and eager to get back and start selling, we took a wrong turn. The worst turn. An abomination of a turn. After we turned, we heard a crash in the kitchen. I pulled over immediately and had Josh hop back to see what had fallen. F*©#$&' MAPLE SYRUP. 2 gallons worth for the weekend. All over the floor. To make things worse, the truck shut off. Yep, a huge mess and then our lifeblood just died on us.

I felt like digging a ditch on the roadside and taking a snooze. 

After trouble shooting the generator, we got back running, and time was no longer on our side. We filled the truck up with gas before re-entering camp and proceeded to clean the mess that was the sticky, sweet goop that covered the floors of our kitchen. 

After cleaning, we got up and running, and we had a flurry of customers. People wanted ice cream for breakfast and because the temperature was expected to reach the high 90's, our cool treat was in demand. 

Remember what I just said about the high temperature? Well, our generator didn't take too kindly to that kind of heat. Everything shut off. Again. We had a nice long line and had to troubleshoot very quickly. Boom, by clouding the generator in a midst of bags of ice and fans, we we're back in business.

Pretty much from then on, it was smooth sailing. Casey, Andrew, Josh and I hit a stride and we broke 100 sales. All seemed right in the universe as we were having a blast mingling with the festival attendees and making their nights complete with our ice cream while playing music to keep their party going and while also keeping us from passing out from exhaustion.

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