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May 2017 Part 3 - SASQUATCH

The weekend was a total of 4 days and let me tell you, it was exhausting for sure. Going into it, we projected to make about $10,000.

We were amongst some great trucks: The Grilled Cheese Experience (my favorite food truck ever) was two trucks away from us, there was an organic coconut whipped ice cream truck on the other side of us, and there was an islander food trailer by them. Altogether, there were about 12 food trucks.

Day 1: For some God forsaken reason, the organizers of the event wanted us there at 2 PM to make sure everything was ready to go when the campers arrived. Seeing that we lived about 4 hours away with food truck, we left at about 9 AM to make sure that we made it in time for sure. We got there around 12:30 PM and met the event organizer. We got parked and all set up. After that, nothing… We got set up for nothing really. Campers didn’t really start coming in until about 10 PM. We made maybe $100.00 the first day. We didn’t think people would be buying ice cream that late at night when it was cold. So we started making pancakes (we brought pancake mix just in case we needed breakfast item or something like this). We sold a few servings worth so it was a little successful. We ended up going to bed at around 1 AM. Though it sucked, we were determined to kill it the next day.

Day 2: We woke up bright and early at 4 AM to start serving some kind of breakfast. We had bacon and pancakes so we were rolling with that for now. Sales weren’t great, but they started a bit stronger than the day before. The sun was rising more which was heating up the air. This made us happy because heat = ice cream sales (or so we thought). But still sales weren’t great yet. Some of the artists started performing so the crowds were moving. Since the campers had to walk past us to go to the concert area and back to their campgrounds, we thought we were in a prime location. As the day went on, and the weather got warmer, this theory proved to be incorrect. For some reason, no one wanted ice cream. We thought maybe we were doing a bad job marketing. But after talking to some of the other trucks, we quickly found out that many of them were struggling as well. Though that sucked for them, it did make me feel a bit better that we weren’t the problem. That night we decided to get weird. We created products that combined ice cream, pancakes, bacon, fruity pebbles, and chocolate sauce. This may sound like a random ass mix of things… and it really was! But we were trying to please our market. You see, if you have never been to a music festival, almost everyone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We realized this and took advantage. Because of our creativity, we were at least able to have fun while we weren’t making money. We ended up going to bed around 1 AM.

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