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May 2017 Part 5 - SASQUATCH Part 3

Day 4: I bet you're thinking things can only get better after the roller coaster day 3, right? 

You'd be correct. We had our best business day but not without some more food truck struggles along the way. 

The final day of the festival just happened to be Casey's birthday, so we chipped in for a ticket for him to enjoy the shows and thanked him for all of his hard work. Next up on our dwindling roster; Josh and Andrew. They carpooled together and had to be back to their respective houses by 5pm, so by 1 in the afternoon, it was just Brian and I running the whole operation that demanded at least 4 people during the peak rush of customers that we had faced the day before.

The work was cut out for this duo. At 1 o'clock, sales were at right around 80 cups sold. We were trending to blow out the prior 3 days of sales... Combined! 

With the two of us, we figured out a solid system of grit on the griddle, going for as long of a stretch of cup creation as our hands, body and mind could bare before switching off with the person taking orders and prepping and serving cups.

Of course, it can't go off without a hitch. With a queue of 10 paid customers, our truck shut down from the heat. We gave 3 customers their money back and the other 7 customers coupons to comeback later in the day when we got back running. It was a gut punch, but we ended up getting back and working about an hour later, just as the masses were heading into the festival to see the closing acts and headliner Kendrick Lamar.

It was pretty slow, with on and off business for about 3 hours and then all hell broke loose. In a good way. Over the course of about 3 hours, with only 1 working machine, we ended up selling almost 100 cups between Brian and I. Brian was on a roll (pun intended) and customers were happy. It was a feeling that I wish we had throughout the weekend. But hey, after a day of almost 200 cups sold and having our most successful day in our business's young life, we felt like it was all worth it.

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