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March 2017 - What The Hell

As you could imagine, upset isn’t even a word that could explain how we felt. We were embarrassed, frustrated, angry, and every other negative feeling possible. It hurt. I saw our business slipping away. But I was not ready to quit.

The next day I called the guys that built our truck and gave them the run down. I am a pretty reasonable guy, I understand shit happens. But if I pay for something, I expect that product or service to be worth what I paid. When it comes down to spending $85k and it doesn’t work, you better believe I will be pissed the hell off. I made them come up from California, and over the next couple days, the fixed our truck. They patched up the leaks, took a look at the generator, and fixed the sink. We thought everything was good to go.

So we attempted to make some ice cream the next day just by ourselves, and sure, everything was turning on, but the pan on the left side was freezing weird. When you see ice cream being rolled, the enjoyment is actually seeing the ice cream roll. That’s the whole point. But our griddle was hyper-freezing in the middle so we couldn’t roll it. It would just break into ice shards. We had no idea what the problem was. We just knew that something was wrong with our truck still. Being mad can really cloud your judgement. So I left many emails for the food truck builders and asked for a refund or compensation for having contractors look into what happened. Nothing. I contacted the manufacturers of the anti griddle by email. Nothing. I wasn’t left with many options. While we had to wait to try to fix this issue, I had to fly to Orlando for a trade show for my full time job and I was there for a week. I flew back just in time to be part of another wedding show. The Tacoma Wedding show was smaller, but brought in more people for us to show off to. It was really fun meeting other local businesses. The best part was that we got to be part of it by using “barter bucks” since we were part of Saturn Barter. So it barely costed us anything. All in all, we booked a wedding or two.

But we had a major problem still, we needed to fix the truck asap…

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