My name is Zach Ortega and I am a wanna-be entrepreneur from Seattle, Washington. In elementary school, I would always aim to sell the most cookie dough during school fundraisers because I wanted to get the coolest prize. I used to collect rocks with my dad and sell some of them at school. In junior high, as puberty started to hit, no one wanted stank breath as they were about to talk to the hottest chick or dude in school, so I would sell sticks of gum. During high school, I took college classes to earn my degree sooner and not be buried in student debt. I started selling t-shirts to students and professors to make a little money on the side.

My favorite venture growing up was when my mom would have garage sales to get rid of junk. I would whip out my sno-cone machine (a cheap one I bought at another garage sale for like $30). I would sell sno-cones for $1.25 or two for $2.00 and I would do pretty darn well. I remember one day, I made about $150.00 which is pretty decent from my neighborhood.

Obviously, I have always hustled and tried to make a quick buck. I frequently have a new business idea that I want to start. Entrepreneurship is my passion. So a year ago, I decided to finally make the jump and go for it. My brother and I decided to start Igloo Rolls, a hand rolled Thai ice cream food truck.

This blog is about the journey of starting that food truck. Along the way, I will feature guests from other small businesses as well.

My goal with this blog is to be as transparent as possible about the startup process. From brainstorming to funding to paperwork to legalities to equity to emotion. I want to cover every possible thing that has happened in the past year and going forward.

Why am I starting this blog now? Good question. First, I was so busy trying to start Igloo Rolls that I didn't have time and didn't think about blogging about it back then. But during the process of starting it, it would have been nice to relate to someone who is also starting a business, so I can ask them what they've done for this or how to do that. Instead, I was just researching the internet like crazy for a variety of answers.

I am the average joe, I am not rich or don't have any business savvy friends. I am just like you, just an everyday entrepreneur.